Paradise Cove

Terms and conditions

Paradise Cove wants you to enjoy every moment of your experience with us from when you make your reservation to checking out. Please read the terms and conditions below for an enjoyable stay.

Payment and legalities:


For payment made more than eight weeks ahead of the arrival date, Paradise Cove requires a 25% deposit (non-refundable) in order to secure your reservation. The remaining balance is taken eight weeks prior to the schedule arrival (non-refundable). If your booking is made less than eight weeks before the arrival date, full payment is required. In exceptional circumstances, Paradise Cove may need to take an extra damage deposit. Paradise Cove accepts payment by credit card or direct bank transfer.

Minimum stay

The minimum duration of stay is seven nights. In very rare circumstances, Paradise Cove reserves the right to decline confirmed bookings during the peak periods.

Cancellation Policy

Your 25% deposit is non-refundable. However, if you make your cancellation more than 14 days ahead of the arrival date, you can carry over your deposit for a future stay at Paradise Cove as long as the new booking is for a date within six months of the initial cancellation. If you cancel your reservation less than 14 days before your arrival date, cancel during your stay or don’t turn up for the booking the full amount of your stay will still be payable.


Unless otherwise stated, prices are quoted in Euro and will remain fixed from the time of reservation.


Paradise Cove Recommends that you take out travel insurance as we will not be held responsible in the unfortunate event of injury or death that may occur during your stay.

Building work

It is the case that some neighbouring properties / areas are being developed and therefore there is a possibility of building work or construction work over which we have no control, nor are we given prior notice. In the event of disruption caused by building work, a property of same or upgraded type (if available) will be offered to the guest. No further compensations of any nature will be due to the guests, and Paradise Cove will not be held liable in this respect.


Paradise Cove has a technician on call 24-hours a day for any technical problems guests may experience during their stay. However, as the properties are privately owned, there may be some cases where Paradise Cove cannot deal with a problem immediately. We will, however, make every effort to resolve matters as soon as possible.

The properties:

Property Allocation

While Paradise Cove will make every attempt to make sure your allocated property is available, we may on rare occasions need to accommodate you in an alternative villa. If this is the case, we will offer you another property with the price difference payable or refundable accordingly. If you choose not to accept the alternative property, all monies paid to Paradise Cove will be refunded. There will be no further compensation to guests.

Property Details

Our properties are all well-equipped and include linen and towels except for beach towels. A maximum of two people and one infant cot are permitted in each bedroom. If the number of guests exceeds the maximum occupancy, Paradise Cove has the right to decline access and to impose a penalty of up to twice the daily rate of the period booked.

Swimming Pools

Paradise Cove has placed Health and Safety notices close to swimming pools. Please make a note of these for your safety.

Heated Pools

Some of our properties have heated swimming pools. If you would like a heated pool, please specify at the time of booking. Please note that it takes up to two days to heat a pool and the temperature may be affected by the weather conditions too.There is an extra charge for pool heating which you can pay locally or be invoiced for.

Enjoying your stay:

Conserving power

At Paradise Cove we think it is important to consider the impact of power consumption on the environment. With this in mind, we have a maximum consumption limit for each property which is adequate for guests to comfortably air condition or heat their villa for the duration of their stay. There is a charge for any use above the limit. However we think it is unlikely that guests will find it necessary to exceed this ceiling. An electricity reading will be made upon your arrival and departure. Additionally, you can find meter level details within your villa.

Special requests

Paradise Cove is happy to consider special requests but we must stress we cannot guarantee that we can carry them out. We ask that guests make special requests at the time of booking or, at the latest, two days before the arrival date in writing.

Lost and Found

For your own security, Paradise Cove recommends that you keep all valuables hidden from view and ensure that all windows and doors are locked when you go out. Check your villa thoroughly before leaving at the end of your stay to make sure that you haven’t forgotten any belongings. Paradise Cove will do its best to locate any property that has been mistakenly left behind but can’t guarantee that it will be found. To return property, postage, packaging and handling fees may be applied and we are not responsible for any damage property might sustain in transit.

Satellite TV

Unfortunately Paradise Cove can’t control the weather! The quality of satellite TV reception may vary depending on weather or other conditions.

Housekeeping Service

Properties are cleaned prior to arrival and Paradise Cove offers a twice-weekly housekeeping service at a time which is convenient for you. We can arrange extra cleaning at an additional charge.

Breakages and Cleanliness

Guests cannot, under any circumstances, move indoor furniture outdoors. If you wish to move indoor furniture or equipment around, you can only do so after receiving written permission from Paradise Cove.  This is all in the interest of preventing any breakages and maintaining cleanliness in the properties.

Children’s Safety

For their protection, please keep children under supervision at all times as they are, naturally, going to be excited and curious about their new surroundings. It is especially important to be vigilant close to balconies and swimming pools.


Please keep in mind that there may be other guests at Paradise Cove. By all means enjoy yourselves, but please take care not to behave in any way which will offend or endanger other visitors. In the event of anti-social behaviour, Paradise Cove has the right to terminate reservation agreements without any reimbursement of rental fees, compensation or expenses. We will also claim reimbursement of any expenses which are incurred as a result of such behaviour.

Disabled Travellers

Unfortunately Paradise Cove does not have any properties specifically adapted for use by disabled visitors. However, some of our properties may be suitable for guests with physical limitations and we are happy to advise on this. However, we cannot make any alterations to properties in order to accommodate guests with disabilities or be held liable for any injuries, damage or inconvenience to disabled guests resulting from the property not being adapted for their use.



Pets are forbidden at Paradise Cove both indoors and outdoors.

Insects/ Animals

Cyprus is a warm, southern country which means we have our share of insects which appear during the hottest months of the year. Paradise Cove carries out regular preventative pest control but, in the unlikely event that you experience any problems with pests, please contact our team.

Getting there

Paradise Cove cannot make any refunds for changes to reservations owing to flight cancellations and has no general responsibility for changes in airline timetables. Please let us know details of flight arrivals and departures as soon as possible after booking so that we can ensure your smooth check-in (2pm) and check-out (10am).

Changes to Privacy Policy

Paradise Cove may need to make changes to its privacy policy in which case we will let you know about key changes in how we handle personal information via the email address you specified at the time of booking. We may also place a prominent notice regarding changes on our website.