Paphos Lighthouse

Discovering Paphos Lighthouse: A Beacon of History

Iconic Landmark: Guiding Ships Since 1888

Located near the town of Paphos, Paphos Lighthouse stands as a renowned beacon on the island of Cyprus. Positioned on Paphos Point, a peninsula jutting into the Mediterranean Sea, this lighthouse has played a crucial role in maritime navigation.

A Testament to British Influence

Constructed in 1888 during British administration of Cyprus, Paphos Lighthouse served as a vital military installation safeguarding the route of ships traveling through the Suez Canal to the colonies. Its strategic location made it an essential landfall marker for vessels bound for Paphos harbor from Britain.

Architectural Splendor

Rising 20 meters high, the whitewashed masonry tower boasts a single gallery and lantern, enclosed within a compound featuring the keeper’s house and auxiliary buildings. This architectural marvel serves as a lasting symbol of maritime heritage.

Guiding Light: A Beacon of Safety

With a focal height of 36 meters above the sea, Paphos Lighthouse casts its light for 17 nautical miles, offering a long flash of white light every fifteen seconds. Its luminous presence serves as a guiding force for sailors navigating the waters of the Mediterranean.

Plan Your Visit

Experience the allure of Paphos Lighthouse and immerse yourself in its rich maritime history. Whether you’re drawn to its architectural elegance or fascinated by its navigational significance, a visit to this iconic landmark promises a memorable journey through Cyprus’ maritime heritage.

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