Paphos Archaeological Park

Unveiling the Magnificence of Paphos Archaeological Park

A Cultural Gem: UNESCO World Heritage Site

Discover the historical significance of Paphos Archaeological Park, an esteemed UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980. Situated in Kato Paphos, it stands as a testament to Cyprus’ rich archaeological legacy.

From Ancient Origins to Medieval Marvels

Immerse yourself in history as you explore the park’s vast expanse, spanning from prehistoric times to the medieval era. Most notably, the ruins predominantly date back to the illustrious Roman period.

Roman Resplendence: The Five Roman Houses

Admire the exquisite mosaic floors of five Roman houses, including the famed House of Dionysus and House of Theseus, which showcase captivating scenes from Greek Mythology, serving as the focal point of the archaeological findings.

Beyond Mosaics: Exploring Significant Monuments

Delve deeper into history with other notable monuments within the park, such as the Asklepieion, the Odeon, the Paphos Castle ruins, the Saranta Kolones, the ruins of Limeniotissa (an Old Christian church), and the iconic Tombs of the Kings.

Plan Your Visit

Experience the allure of Paphos Archaeological Park firsthand. With its wealth of historical treasures and captivating insights, a visit here promises an enriching journey through Cyprus’ ancient past.

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